Artist Book Workshop II: from dummy to Artist Book


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This advanced workshop builds on Artist Book Workshop I: from concept to dummy and gives participants the possibility to realise their Artist Book project in our studio during three workshop sessions that focus on Riso file-prep, riso-printing and binding.

You will be able to risoprint your project in an edition of 20, in up to 4 colors, using available paper/materials and a binding technique of your choice.

The maximum sheets of paper you can use per book are 3 DIN A3. Binding options are: coil, comb, staples, loop-staples, pamphlet-stitch, eyelets, clips, thread-binding (no hardcover), japanese binding, glue, box-making or anything imaginable with the materials that are available. You are free to bring in additional materials.

This workshop has a focus on production and experimentation, from file prep to final product. Please note that this is not a riso-workshop. Participants should be comfortable using Photoshop and InDesign and have taken one of our Riso workshops before (or have other prior riso experience). We will strategize your project based on your knowledge and abilities. If you would like to work without a computer, get in touch.

If you are still in the conceptual stages of your project, please see Artist Book Workshop I.


In order to finish your full project, you need to be able to attend all three dates. We won't be able to offer alternative dates for individuals.

Meeting 1: July 2nd, 16-20h

bring your dummy from Artist Book Workshop I, all of your finished content (such as text, photos and artworks)

  • Discussing printing colors, paper choices, and color separations
  • Receiving guidelines and help for file-prep
  • Planning printing schedule for Meeting 2

In between sessions, you will be able to send your finished files per email, so we can check them for errors.

Meeting 2: July 11th, 16-20h

bring your finished printing files

  • Printing the front sides
  • Planning a binding schedule for Meeting 3

Meeting 3: July 16th, 16-20h

bring additional materials you might want to use and a big enough bag to take all your books home :)

  • Binding the Artist Books
  • Reflecting on the last two weeks and saying goodbye

    350€ – take home: 20 artist books, colorchart, intro to book-binding sheet

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