Artist Book Workshop I: from concept to dummy


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In this beginners workshop you will develop a concept for your own artist book, as well as how to produce it.

We will look at a variety of Artist Book examples and discuss their production methods and conceptual framework of publishing. Together, we will discuss your ideas and then everyone will sharpen their concepts into written statements that will guide each Artist Book project. At the end you will define the format, printing technique, binding method and the edition size of your publication and test it as a dummy.

This workshop gives the possibility to formalise your project in a group setting, receive feedback and support. This workshop has a focus on inspiration, conceptualisation and strategising for production. We would recommend coming to this workshop with a clear concept but an open mind, as the discussion and examples might inspire new ideas!

Please note that this workshop doesn’t include production, if you are interested in making an edition of Artist Books, please see Artist Book Workshop II.


Meeting 1: 21st of October, 17-20h

bring concept, examples of your content or books that inspire you

  • Examples of Artist Books
  • Discussing concepts
  • Introducing materials, printing and binding techniques
  • Writing Artist Statements

Meeting 2: 22nd of October, 17-20h

bring finished Artist Statement, printouts of your content for dummy making

  • Reading and discussing Artist Statements
  • Making dummies
  • Strategizing next steps (production and distribution)
  • Collecting thoughts and saying goodbye.
  • Making a plan for participants who want to continue with Artist Book Workshop II

    150€ – take home: Artist Statement, dummy of your Artist Book, knowledge :)

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