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"Where is Aisha?" is a comic by Aisha Franz.

All artwork by Aisha Franz, published and printed by Colorama, Berlin 2020, 12x18cm, 166 pages, plastic-comb-binding with PVC-cover, first edition of 600 copies.

„Where is Aisha??“ tells the story of a woman who after a few strange encounters realises that she has become a ghost. When an influencer contacts her to talk about her new state of being she is introduced into a parallel world of the one she has been living in until then. She joins a queer group of ghost whistleblowers that attack injustice online while being untouchable irl (because ghosts 👻). It’s a group of complete acceptance and celebration of the individual - of course only for the price of leaving behind a conformative lifestyle - being in a father-mother-child constellation.

„Where is Aisha“ questions the structure and effect of affirmative bubbles that we all find ourselves on IG or other social media in where it’s seemingly all about self acceptance but eventually under yet another set of very strict rules of what „real“ is and what isn’t.

Does empowerment or finding your true self mean that you can’t live a generic life anymore and isnt it inherent in being part of family to have the wish to be able not to be part of this family? Can we negotiate our contradictive wishes only with betrayal? It seems that the only solution is to leave our body behind and live our life in theory - or in a dream.

Aisha Franz draws insightful and pointy what it means to be in limbo - between being an artist, being a mother and constantly asking yourself if your work and existence is of any use for this world. 

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