Clubhouse #20 Artprints


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Clubhouse #20 Artprints

A comic anthology with 20 different artists on the topic Crushing!

Our annual comic anthology that emerges from the Clubhouse Week - a comic residency hosted by Colorama, Aisha Franz, and Leonie Ott.

Poster contributions by Marco Quadri, Amina Bouajila, Nino Cadeau, Connor Willumsen, Haein Kim, Sarah-Louise Barbett, Santiago Licata, CF, Josephine M. K. Edwards, and Nino Bulling

With narrative contributions by Tommi Parrish, Nichole Shinn, Jamiyla Lowe, Leomi Sadler, Mia Oberländer, Aki Hassan, Louka Butzbach, Son Ni, Margot Ferrick, and Eva Christine Laugo

The Artprints are ca. 26x41cm, 2-6 colors risoprinted in lime, bubblegum, purple, cornflower, melon, and black, Limited edition of 40 copies.

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