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Poetic Pragmatic Sneaky Sticky is a reader on small press publishing tools!

Seated on wobbly folding chairs, crumbs of pretzels to my feet, a row of empty water and beer cans squeezed between empty suitcases, in a noisy room, across a criminally hot couple, I learned what VAT was, I learned how to calculate an artist fee, I learned how to open and clean a print body, and I learned that there was this one distributor I should avoid at all cost.

With contributions by CanCan Press, Cutt Press, Fidèle, genderfail, Gloria Glitzer, Halfletterpress, nos:books, OOMK, Printroom Rotterdam, Pseudo Press, Small Editions, Small Tune Press, Sming Sming Books, SM, Stefanie Leinhos, Txtbooks

designed by Molly Cranston

published on the occasion of and with support by Indiecon Festival Hamburg.

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