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Colorama Stationery is a small edition of notebooks, weekly calendars and checklists. They are risoprinted, handbound and foil-stamped in Berlin. On wooden-free paper with vegan leather from the treasure trove of our local bookbinding-supplier. 

Black Weekly Planner: 66 pages, 21cm x 9.8cm

Green Weekly Planner: 46 Pages, 20.9cm x 9.8cm


A5 White Weekly Planner: 100 pages, 20 cm x 13.8cm

A5 Red Weekly Planner: 100 pages, 20cm x 13.8cm

A5 Teal Notepad/Checklist: 72 pages, 20cm x 13.6cm

A5 Brown Notepad/Checklist: 55 pages, 20cm x 13.7cm

A6 Green Notepad/Checklist: 58 pages, 13.7cm x 9.5cm

A6 Yellow Notepad/Checklist: 62 pages, 13.8cm x 9.5m

Orange Ball Pen with blue ink

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