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We present to you a collection of 5 different zines by Melek Zertal with previously published anthology contributions for Lagon Revue, LAAB, Wobby and Something Edited.

The zines are between 4 and 16 pages, have been partly reworked and newly interpreted for printing by Colorama.
The zines are available separately as well as a whole set in a special envelope.

Norwegian Cruise: 28 × 20 cm , 8 page zine, stapled

Algeria: 24×19cm, 8 prints

Crescent Hill: 19.5 × 14 cm, 16 page zine, stapled

Courtney: 20 × 13 .5 cm , 12 page zine, stapled

I wish: 14.5×10cm, 4 page zine, leporello

Risoprinted in 2-5 colors, edition of 1000
Zine collection edition of 200, in a silkscreen-printed envelope with silk-ribbon.


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