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1 year letter subscription

1 year letter subscription

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For 1 year, starting in February 2024, the artist duos SM studio and Florian Emden will engage in an epistolary correspondence.

Each month, one pair will write and design a letter to be sent to the other and Colorama will riso-print and distribute them. In this published, monthly correspondence, the duos will write about current reflections on their work, themes of inspiration and friendship, merging fiction and documentation with design work.

All are welcome to subscribe to the mail-art project to receive these letters and follow the correspondence as the year unfolds.
Individual letters will also be available to buy as mini-publications.

About the artists:
Both duos operate under a shared authorship, including research and referencing into their work.

SM Studio is the London-based collaborative design practice of Molly Cranston and Safiye Gray. They work across print, book design and intertwined image-text. Their approach is guided by deep friendship, intuitive making processes and expansive research.

Florian ∞ Emden design posters, spaces, fonts, and books, influenced by the feelings they share in their friendship. Cradled between typography and writing they live, love, work, and laugh in Leipzig, Germany.

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