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Gnocchi Gnocchi who's there?

Gnocchi Gnocchi who's there?

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Gnocchi Gnocchi who's there is a picture-book by Anna Haifisch and Stefanie Leinhos.

Life is a combination of magic and pasta (Federico Fellini)

Everything you see I owe to Spaghetti (Sophia Loren)

No man is lonely eating Spaghetti; it requires so much attention (unknown Fussilli)

Published and printed by Colorama, all artworks by Anna Haifisch and Stefanie Leinhos, 21x26cm, 28 pages, risoprinted in yellow, black, orange and aqua, silkscreen-printed cover on grey carton, coil-binding with reading sign, first edition of 750, Berlin.

Print: 21x26cm on Munken Pure 240g.

Patches 3,5-4,5cm, only come as a pair.

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