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firebugs is a comic by Nino Bulling.

Actually, everything is perfectly okay. Ingken is together with Lily, who seems to be content with herself and her life. Ingken on the other hand is struggling a lot. Set against the background of global climate change, Ingken is searching for a self-determined identity, a new name, for the things that can remain as they were and those that have to disappear. What is it that makes us humans? Do we have to burn everything down in order to define ourselves anew? Or can we also hold on to some things?

A genuine and insightful story about love, transitioning and all the greys you can find between gender identities, bodies (those damn bodies 😈) finding yourself, holding each other up and holding space, new beginnings and so much more. 

!!This is a preorder for the book that is currently in production and will be launched end of May, shipped out beginning of June!! The first 60 preorders will receive an extra print from one of the preview pages on 80gsm Werkdruckpapier, printed with Riso.



firebugs is published in collaboration with Edition Moderne on the occasion of Nino Bullings participance at Documenta fifteen.

It is the first Colorama publication that is printed with offset.

You can buy the german edition of this title through Edition Moderne directly!

18,5x26cm, 160 pages, offset-printing with spot colors. 
ISBN 978-3-03731-236-0 

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