COLORAMA Calendar (perpetual)


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Calendar, 26x34cm, 13 pages on heavy paper, printed in six colours, pearlcoloured coil-binding.

The calendars will be shipped in the Second week of December!

All orders until the 6th of December will get the special discounted price. After the 6th the calendar will be 29€.


The calendar includes artworks by

JANUARY: Liva Kandevica

FEBUARY: Adrienne Kammerer

MARCH: Melek Zertal

APRIL: Stella Murphy

MAY: Tara Booth

JUNE: Aisha Franz

JULY: Jooyoung Kim

AUGUST: Marie Weber

SEPTEMBER: María Medem

OCTOBER: Malwine Stauss

NOVEMBER: Saehan Parc

DECEMBER: Lucie Lucanska


The proceeds from this project support the upcoming CLUBHOUSE 2020.*
One part of the edition and a honorarium goes to the artist - the rest will be used for the following CLUBHOUSE expenses: travelling costs and accomodations for the artists, food and drinks for the artists and the CLUBHOUSE team (volunteers, interns, designers, Colorama) material costs for the book production, rent for the workspace and gallery, costs for the launch event.



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