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Risoprinted book in 6 colours, 26x32cm, ca. 76 pages on 120gsm paper with handwritten plastic-cover.

Including poster-designs (bound into the book) by: Richard Short+Joe Kessler (London, Patrick Kyle (Toronto), Andrés Magán, George Wylesol (Baltimore), Bettina Henni, Marc Hennes (Berlin), Sean Christensen (Portland), Brie Moreno (London), Antoine Cossé (London), Jack Sachs (Berlin), Lasse Wandschneider (Berlin), Paul Paetzel (Berlin), Maren Karlson (Berlin/LA), Liam Cobb (London) und Milena Bassen (Berlin)

and narratives by: Alpha Rats (Berlin), Jon Vaughn (Saskatoon), Tim Romanowsky (Leipzig), Jack Taylor (Berlin), Anna Haifisch (Leipzig), Lea Heinrich (Kassel/Berlin), Alice Wietzel (Paris), Johannes Rodenacker (Berlin), Jan Soeken (Hamburg), Burn Björn (Vienna), Jul Gordon (Hamburg), Ruohan Wang (Berlin), Katya Dorokhina (Moscow), Tara Booth (Portland), José Jajaja (Rotterdam)

„CLUBHOUSE week“ is the special summer edition of an ongoing collaboration project hosted bei Aisha Franz and COLORAMA, publishing house and risoprinting-studio based in Berlin.

15 artists mainly working in comics and illustration were invited to join an intensive workshop in Berlin to collaborate on a book together with other 15 contributing artists from afar. The participants in Berlin will be creating narrative work responding to poster illustrations which were handed in by the other participants before hand. The book including the work from all 30 artists will be (Riso-)printed, bound and released by the end of that same week.

BOOK - RELEASE on the 5th of august at ACUD gallery in Berlin with music, tattoos and a Pop-up bookshop by Bloc books.

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