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A TRICK OF THE LIGHT - FOLD IN FOLDS is a book by Jeong Hwa Min.

A Trick of the light – Folds in Folds is a book inspired by the movement of light and darkness as a natural phenomenon. It explores the transition between night and day, the passing of time, the lunar cycle, and the reflection of the universe on the earth.

Through experimenting with different layers, the alternation between light and shadow in the paintings and the folding angle of the paper, an organic interaction of geometric movement unfolds within the space of the whole book.

The original paintings were made with airbrush and printed with risograph.

Jeong Hwa Min was born in South-Korea and is currently working as a painter and illustrator in Berlin.


Published by Colorama in April 2017, all artworks by Jeong Hwa Min, 43x24cm, 24 pages, black risoprint on 175g paper, saddlestitch-binding with black staples, folded in blue carton with two clips packed in a Pergamynbag, first edition of 150.

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