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Part of the Publishing as Collective Practice event series

Join us for field trips to local print studios to learn more about Silkscreen, Letterpress and Offset printing. An experimental printing guide will be created collectively during small workshops at each studio.

Begleitet uns auf Exkursionen zu lokalen Druckstudios, um mehr über Siebdruck, Letterpress und Offsetdruck zu erfahren. In kleinen Workshops in den jeweiligen Studios wird gemeinsam ein Leitfaden für den experimentellen Druck erstellt.

We have three workshop options, but everyone is limited to one spot so you must choose one of the three workshop options that interests you the most. On Sunday, 14. April at 5pm, everyone from all three workshops will come together to report on their production findings, so you still get to learn about all three printing processes! This final event is open to the public so you are welcome to invite friends :)

field trips / Ausflüge
Offset Workshop with Termindruck*** 
10. April 2024 10am-2pm
Lahnstraße 78, 12055 Berlin

Letterpress Workshop with Hacking Gutenberg
11. April 2024 10am-2pm
Potsdamer Str. 98a, 10785 Berlin

Silkscreen Workshop with Le Raclet***
12. April 2024 11am-3pm 
Skalitzer Str. 33, II. Hof, EG Links, 10999 Berlin

***If you choose Offset or Silkscreen, there is an additional prep meeting on the 8th of April 4-7pm at the Colorama Studio (Drontheimer Str. 6, 13359 Berlin). This is mandatory because it is when you will actually create the content that we will print!

Sharing Findings / Gefundenes Teilen

14. April 2024 5pm
At the end of the week the findings and printed matter will be presented at a public event, hosted at the Colorama Space.

Das Erlernte und die Druckerzeugnisse werden bei einer öffentlichen Veranstaltung im Colorama Space präsentiert.

Colorama Studio
Drontheimer Str. 6, 13359 Berlin

Please only book a workshop if you can commit to coming to both your chosen workshop and the reportage on Sunday 14. April! There are limited spots available, so if you book and can’t make it, please let us know asap.



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